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Tango Practice with Jarrod Clark and Victoria Regan 

Sarah Mognoni Tango Practice

In a recent coaching session with the expressive and beautiful Victoria Regan Jarrod and I addressed my challenge of achieving balance, an independent frame and artistry in movement on a level beyond my previous novice dancing. My desire to present movement to an audience that tells an emotional story runs up against the realities of the limitations of my 62 yr old body and decades of physical self consciousness.

The beauty of dance instruction, lies in the breakdown of what appears to be a single flowing movement into a coherent set of building blocks of stance, alignment, footwork, gaze, and strength. Eventually, the dancer's body remembers each adjustment and what was once awkward becomes natural.The viewer sees unity between partners, and is moved by the drama and music of tango-unaware of the many repetitive hours of practice of single movements within the dance.


Storm Ballroom is delighted to announce a new partnership with Colorful Living Studio LLC.Sarah Mognoni, Colorful Living’s founder and owner, has taught drawing, painting, mixed media and textiles both privately and in public and private schools for 30 years . As of March 9, 2020, Sarah will offer private and group instruction in the visual arts at Storm’s adjunct facility behind the ballroom. Contact Sarah at for a class schedule or to make an appointment for a private lesson! Whether on the dance floor or in the art studio, join Storm and Colorful Living in developing your personal vision through the arts.


STORMARTS- A show of the work of Nancy Smith, Irwin Greenberg, Sarah Mognoni, and Colorful Living students-Opening reception Saturday April 4, 2-5 PM-work to be on display from April 4-May 4.

Join us for this exciting event celebrating the connection between performing and visual arts.Work will be for sale.

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